The Beach Body Challenge

The moment you have all been waiting for....The Bootcamp Beach Body Challenge is here! I have been putting together this challenge for the last few weeks for you all, as we had such a good response from our Bootcamp Pilates Twitter and Facebook pages, so it seems you all really want to get super fit and lean and look good on the beach this summer - so here we go! We will have loads more beach body blogs coming your way soon and here is a little insight into what the whole thing will involve.

And even if you have never been to Bootcamp Pilates then there has never been a better time to start. We have beginner classes that you can do on the challenge.

Please do leave your comments at the end of this blog if you have any questions.

Korin x

Off on holiday soon? Could do with shedding a little winter weight? Prepared for something intense? Ready for a challenge?

Well, here at Bootcamp Pilates we have just what you need to get in tip top shape for the summer...

Starting the 1st May 2013 you will be able to buy your Bootcamp Beach Body Challenge package which will be an intense month of training here with us at Bootcamp Pilates, in order to get the results you want, fast!

You can purchase The Bootcamp Beach Body Package, which will include;

16 OFF-PEAK classes for £160

That works out at just £10 per class! Allowing you to do 4 classes per week for one month.

You can buy the package at any point throughout the month of May and your 4 weeks will start from the date of purchase.

Please note;

There will not be specific 'Beach Body' classes, you can do any class you like with us, that suits you and your schedule.
If you prefer to do some or all PEAK classes and you use all of your credits before you have done 16 classes in the month, then you can then buy additional classes at just £5 per class. No more than 16 classes in total will be allowed within this offer.
Once you have exceeded 16 classes in one month, prices will resume to normal.
Beginners will not be entitled to their 10% off their first package in conjunction with this offer.
Customers are entitled to purchase one Beach Body Package per person.

After your month has ended the classes will expire, so you need to use them all within the month!

Throughout the month of May and June, we will also be posting numerous videos and blogs on our Facebook and Twitter pages, to encourage and support you throughout your challenge. These videos/blogs will include;

- A healthy eating plan to accompany you throughout your fitness regime, with video recipes by (Bootcamp trainer) Korin Nolan and Sasha Parker authors and presenters of How to Cook in High Heels

- Top tips and advice from our superb trainers at Bootcamp Pilates and other experts

- Motivation and encouragement to keep you going

Throughout the month, we will also be following the progress of one of our Notting Hill clients, who will reveal her highs and lows and her final results at the end of the month!


If you wish, to assist you on your Beach Body Challenge we have also teamed up with Evolve Primal, who offer a special home delivery natural food service, that will help you shed the pounds in the healthiest, cleanest way possible without going hungry. Evolve base themselves on the 'Cave Man Diet' which consists of organic, unprocessed, seasonal foods, low in carbohydrates but high in protein. To find out more about them, please visit their website http://www.evolveprimal.com/

Evolve are putting together a superb Beach Body Package just for our clients and are offering an amazing discount for you to take advantage of;

50% off your first order (one week food delivery) the discount code is BOOTCAMP

PLUS should you wish to continue for the rest of the month or just another week, Evolve are offering the Beach Body Package which will provide you with your main meals for a month and includes an 18% discount

Here you can find more information on the Beach Body Package offered and place your orders now.


If you saw the footage and blogs from Dan Moss who took part in our Stronger, Fitter, Leaner challenge back in March, you will have seen that Dan lost almost a stone in weight, through eating Evolve Primal meals and training with us!

To join the Bootcamp Beach Body Challenge package simply call or drop into your local studio and purchase the Beach Body Package in time to begin on the 1st May.

In the mean time, be sure to sign up to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BootcampPilatesLondon

And Twitter page https://twitter.com/Bootcamp_London

Where you will be able to find out the latest updates and follow The Bootcamp Challenge in progress throughout the month of May.

Remember this is for one month only and to get results, you will need to put the work in and stick to both healthy eating and exercise!

Please note that if you are at all unsure if you are up to this challenge, then please consult your doctor before commencing.

Not suitable if you are pregnant.