The Peruvian Superfruit – the Physalis Berry

According to predictions from Waitrose, in 2014, the Physalis berry is the next big thing!

These berries contain vitamin D, as well as vitamin C, B12, iron and protein.

Inside the delicate papery lantern of a physalis or Cape gooseberry is a bright orange fruit the size of a cherry tomato. The berries are firm with a slightly citrus flavour, and full of tiny edible seeds. They taste sweet, like a pineapple and are perfect to add to fruit salads or snack on during the day.

They make a delicate garnish for sweet and savoury dishes, and glamorous cakes. They are also delicious eaten on their own - just fold back the papery calyx and bite off. Alternatively they can be dipped in fondant icing or dark chocolate to serve as an after-dinner treat.