Catalyst Activewear - The lowdown

What does Catalyst represent to you?

Being a Catalyst means travelling further than you expected, surprising yourself and others along the path. This is an invitation to creatively grow your practice and your life, being inspired by others and inspire them as well.

Why Sportswear?

You know this feeling during a run, or a Pilates class? Suddenly, your body and your mind become one. At that particular point, you take control of your trajectory and you can start making a difference. We want to share this feeling. And your old clothes were in the way.

What makes you different to other Brands?

We are building communities. We are creating events in London to gather people. This is part of a wider movement where you see the more traditional ways of doing things challenged by new, emerging, solutions. That’s also visible in our patterns. We use technical fabrics like never before.

You work with the World Land Trust, why do you think this is important?

In our manifesto is written ‘Nurture a place’. Earth is our place. It would be so easy if we all do our bit! We’d love to encourage all manufacturers to meet our commitment: one meter of forest for one meter of fabric. Every time we buy one meter of fabric, we save one meter of forest with the World Land Trust. If we don’t take care of earth who will?

The collection uses only High Performance fabrics, what’s so special about them?

Your time is what we value and we want to protect earth. You will spend less time changing if your fabrics are sweat-wicking, dry quickly and are as elegant in an out of the gym. You will use less energy and less water cleaning your garments. Less pilling also means longer life span.

Pick one essential piece from the range?

Studio Tigers. They are totally versatile and you can wear them from the morning to the evening, from your power breakfast to the evening yoga or pilates class. Saving you time.

To shop Catalyst Activewear, visit www.catalyst-activewear.com