Easy ways to keep your energy levels high

Many people struggle to keep their energy levels high especially in our fast-paced society. We’ve put together some simple tips on how small tweaks to your diet and actions can help keep your energy levels high.

1. A busy mind or depressed emotional state can drain energy. Take part in an activity that helps clear your mind such as yoga or Pilates.

2. Some foods can impose a high demand on your digestive system and so will drain you of energy.

3. Stress can affect your energy levels as it weakens your adrenal glands.

4. Food which affects the health of your blood such as diary, processed grains and sugars can deplete your energy levels.

5. Eating too much can also reduce your energy as your digestive system has to use energy to break down the food often leaving you feeling lethargic.

6. Things you do such as activity will boost your energy and therefore boost your health.