5 moves to get you ski-ready

There’s snow on the slopes and in case it isn’t cold enough for you in the UK, it’s definitely ski season.  Whether you’re a boarder or skier, having a ski trip booked is a great focus to up your game and improve your fitness levels. Even if it’s a family ski trip and not with a highly competitive group of friends, it’s still crucial to put a training plan into action to help get the most out of your trip and avoid injury.

The importance of getting both the main muscle groups stronger and improving your smaller balancing muscles cannot be understated. It’ll massively improve your whole experience and ensure you make the most of your time on the slopes, whether you’re heading to the Alps or going Trans Atlantic to North America.

The following drills and exercises are easy to complete at home, time efficient and easily do-able within 30 minutes. They focus on the main core, glutes (butt cheeks), leg and stability muscles which are key for winter sports:

Single leg run drill

Stand on one leg and using a running motion with your arms, lean forwards as far as possible without falling over, pushing the free leg out behind you. Then stand up straight, raising your free knee to waist level.  Aim to do 20–30 on each leg. If you have small dumbbells, hold them in your hands.



Twisting side plank (with small DBs)

Lie down on your side with your elbow underneath your shoulder. Raise your hips in the air, with one or two feet on the floor, keeping your legs straight. Raise the outside arm in the air, then bring in underneath your armpit and as far as possible behind you. Repeat 10–15 times each side ensuring your suck your stomach muscles in.



Plank with leg raise

Lie on your front with your elbows underneath your shoulders. With a flat back and straight legs, raise your hips off the ground so they’re at least level with your shoulders. Raise one leg up, bending at the knee and pulse it up and down. Repeat 10–15 times each leg. If it’s too hard, drop onto the spare knee.



Side Lunges (ideally with light weights)

Stand with feet hip width apart. Step out to one side and bend at the knee, keeping your back straight.  Then stand back up to the starting position and repeat on the other side. Perform 15–20 on each side.



Squats, developed into Jump Squats with weights

Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width apart and squat until you’re almost into a sitting position, then drive your hips forwards until you stand tall. Make it harder by jumping on the way up. Perform 10–15 reps.

If you aim to go through this workout 3–4 times a week, a month before your trip, you’ll be stronger and feel better for it. Even if you only have a couple of weeks, it’s still worth getting involved.

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