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Juliet Jaques


Pilates class

“I’m a regular at Bootcamp Pilates and wanted to share my story of how Pilates has changed my life for the better.

I would say that I live a normal life of a 49-year-old wife, married and mother of two boys, Charlie and Harry and stepmother to Henry and Molly. I live in Fulham and keep myself very busy being a housewife, mother and keeping fit.

However being able to live this ‘normal’ life has been a challenging journey. Five years ago, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which started with numbness and instability in my movements, which gradually progressed to a stage where I needed help just to walk up the stairs. Being diagnosed with this illness was horrible and very scary as there is no certainty as to how it will affect you. I was a serious runner and in the gym every day and so you will appreciate that not being able to be as active as I was came as a great shock to me both physically and mentally.

Before my diagnosis, running was my release and was a huge part of my social life. Suddenly that freedom had been taken away from me and a huge part of my life was no longer there. I realised that I needed to find something that would work for me physically and mentally. I’m not the sort of person who likes sitting around so being active was something I yearned for. Whilst racking my brains thinking of what to do, a Bootcamp Pilates flyer came through my door. I had done mat Pilates before but not reformer so I was intrigued to try anything that might work for me. After my first session, I was addicted and felt instantly better.

I can honestly say that doing Pilates classes has changed my life! Having had very little mobility due to MS, I am now able to participate in regular exercise several times a week as well as walking the bridges, along the river, over Hammersmith Bridge and back over Putney Bridge (8.5km) four times a week.

Doing reformer Pilates has made me so much stronger in every way, which ultimately helps me deal with the pain, and relapses I do suffer from time to time. It has also given me so much confidence to push myself and do more than I would have ever thought. My mother came along to a class the other day and sat in reception watching me, she was in tears seeing what I am able to do having seen me deteriorate physically over the past few years.

I would definitely recommend Pilates to anyone who wants to improve their strength and fitness and have fun whilst doing it. I try to come to classes at least four times a week, I love it! It is different, it is very challenging and it certainly gives great results. For anyone who does have a disability with symptoms like mine with MS, please read carefully what I have said here and give it a try! I even find myself doing the exercises on holiday (obviously without the reformer!!). Having been doing it for about 10 months I couldn’t think of my week without it!”

Juliet Jaques

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