Skincare tips from Balance Me

Our friends at Balance Me have put together some great skincare tips for pre and post workout. 




  1. Remove make-up before working up a sweat. Not doing so will result in clogged pores, blackheads and spots. Whilst you’re working hard, shaking it off, and sweating it out, your pores will relax slightly becoming more open. This allows dirt and impurities to become trapped causing congestion. To avoid this, cleanse your face thoroughly before hitting the studio - Balance Me Skincare Mini’s are the perfect size cleansers to carry in your gym bag.
  2. It’s important to allow skin to breathe, so leave it bare if possible. If you have a very dry skin type and find you need to use a moisturiser, opt for a serum, as it’s lighter than a cream and will absorb quickly.



  1. Hit the shower as soon as possible. Although it feels good, try not to have the shower water too hot – this will make your skin dry and could cause irritation. Use warm or cool water and remember to thoroughly cleanse and condition your hair after every workout as this will keep the skin on your scalp healthy. (Which means strong, happy hair)
  2. Moisturise everywhere. If you’ve worked hard your skin will be dehydrated. Combat this by smoothing a body moisturiser into your skin as soon as you step out of the shower (this will instantly lock in hydration) and follow with a cream, serum or oil for your face. If you find your skin feels ‘tight’ after a workout, try using a serum or oil followed by a cream - the double dose of hydration will relieve the ‘tight’ feeling.
  3. Re-hydrate with H2O! Sip water rather than sugary energy drinks – your skin will be much happier without the sugar.


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