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The nature of reformer Pilates means that it often necessitates small class sizes. A reformer – a machine used to do Pilates – can take up a fair amount of space, so that not too many of them can fit into one fitness studio. Reformer Pilates gives you a great workout, and there are benefits to participating in smaller classes too. You might be worried about feeling a little exposed when there’s no large group of people to hide behind, but there are some excellent reasons to enjoy small Pilates classes over bigger ones. 


Think of your reformer Pilates classes like you would a class at school. The more pupils there are, the less time the teacher has to dedicate to each individual. Everyone might learn the same things, but some students could fall behind or fail to get the most out of the lesson. When you join a small Pilates class, your instructor can do more than simply teach from the front of the room. They can give each person in the class personal attention, helping them with their form and ensuring they get as much as possible out of each movement. 


If your instructor can dedicate more time to you during classes, you can build a better relationship with them. It’s always better to turn up to your Pilates class and feel like you’re greeting friends, from the other attendees to the instructor. Even after just one or two classes, a smaller class size allows you to get to know your instructor better than you might if you have to share them with more people. In some larger Pilates classes, you might not even get to speak to the instructor. 


Not everyone feels super comfortable being surrounded by other people while they’re exercising. It can make you feel especially self-conscious if you’re doing something for the first time or you’re still learning. At Bootcamp Pilates, we aim to be welcoming to everyone, and it’s partly our small class sizes that help us do that. A small class creates a more intimate atmosphere, allowing you to feel more comfortable with your fellow participants. You might not be able to hide amidst a crowd of people, but you also don’t have to think about all those people possibly watching you. Although, the most important thing to remember is that everyone else is usually too busy concentrating on their own workout. 


With reformer Pilates, there are only so many people you can get into one class. Reformers take up quite a bit of space, more so than mats, so it does limit class sizes. However, with a big enough studio, you can still have fairly large class sizes. Keeping classes small can mean there’s more space to move. Although you’re on the reformer, you might still be concerned about bumping into someone else. When you have enough space to yourself, you don’t have to worry about that. 
Small Pilates classes are ideal for beginners, as well as for those with more experience. They offer a number of benefits that can help you hone your Pilates skills, so don’t be scared to come along. 
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