Nadine McCann – Trainer

Nadine McCann has a background in competitive gymnastics and ballet, and was first introduced to Pilates at 15 as a means to recover from injury. As a qualified British Gymnastics coach and judge, she pursued her growing love of Pilates and went on to gain a Level 4 mat work qualification with Body Control Pilates while also working as a specialist speech therapist. With endless amounts of energy, Nadine can often be found travelling across London to try out the latest craze in health and fitness. As a Pilates purest, she offers Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair sessions in her own practice. Nadine is known for her varied and challenging classes which will definitely help you find your abs. But don’t be fooled by her big Irish smile: no strategic rests are allowed. With a belief that everyone can benefit from advanced stretching, Nadine will make sure every class challenges you until the very last second.