Zee Filho – Trainer

Zee Filho learned his craft as a fitness professional in the Brazilian army,  where he combined his personal training and motivational skills to train high-performance pentathletes (in swimming, running, grenade throwing, shooting and special cross-fit)  for international competitions. After ten years of reshaping minds and bodies, Zee quit his job and moved to the UK to learn English and use his university degree in fine arts. He went on to work as a singer and dancer in musical theatre in both the UK and overseas. Thanks to  the insight gained from his two previous careers, Zee knows how important it is to look after your body, keep flexible, avoid injuries and increase your energy levels. And he firmly believes that all exercise is better when it’s both fun and challenging. Zee’s classes are all about understanding what you are doing and how to improve yourself constantly, while preventing problems that may stop you exercising.

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