At-home haircare: How to manage and maintain gorgeous locks

Summer can be detrimental to the health of your hair. Just like skin, your tresses are susceptible to UV damage and overexposure to harmful rays will impair the hair shaft’s natural growth, resulting in protein loss and a change of colour.

To avoid a charred mane, always treat hair with a UV protector and up your haircare regime to ensure your locks are on top form all season. Salon treatments can be quite pricey so invest in a few at-home treatments. Our guide below features some of the best products and even incudes DIY remedies made from common kitchen ingredients. Read on to discover more.

Overnight treatments
Overnight treatments are great way to inject a higher level of care and treatment into your hair. Similar to intense facial creams or masks, the range of serums and creams for your tresses can turn around damage and create shiny locks.

A particular favourite of ours is the Caviar Anti-Ageing Overnight Hair Recue treatment – it leaves hair incredibly soft and builds resistance to sun and heat damage. Featured in Layered Online’s Overnight Treatments feature, we really think this is a must-have products for stunning summer hair.

Oily Hair
If the increasing summer temperature has left your hair feeling lank and greasy, there is a range of products you can use to refresh every strand. If you want to try your hand at a 100 per cent natural remedy, try mixing a cup of henna powder with one egg white and a tablespoon of lime juice. Apply the paste to your hair and leave it on for 30 minutes. The concoction will help remove excess oils without stripping any of the natural moisturisers, leaving hair light and manageable.

Dry flaking scalp
Whether you’re a dandruff sufferer or have burnt your scalp, a dry flaky scalp can be very annoying. Regular dandruff shampoos should help but you can build up a tolerance to particular brands. If, after three months, you find Head & Shoulders is no longer working, switch it up and try something new.

If the itching starts to become unbearable, you can treat your scalp with neem leaves. Simply allow a couple of leaves to stand overnight in a cup of hot water, and wash the liquid over the scalp the next morning. This natural remedy really helps to ease the irritation of a burnt or itchy head, but the smell is somewhat overpowering.

Already sun-damaged locks
If your hair has felt the heat of the sun and you’ve noticed a change in condition and colour, it may be that the UV rays have already penetrated your mane. Restore weakened hair with an after-sun mask that will help defend against any further damage. Avedadoes a great sun care range, including an intensive treatment and cleanser.

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