Summer shades: The best DIY hair colour

Festivals, beach holidays, city breaks and relaxing in the local bear garden deserve a summer shade to inject fresh energy into your look.

Whether you’re looking to create an ombre hue, play with pastels, risk a rinse or transform your colour from root to tip, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite products to help you do so. Read on and discover a colour-updating dye for you.

Chop and change chalks 

Hair chalk is a great way to alternate the highlights of your hair. Easy to apply and suitable for all hair types, Fudge Urban offers shades in both vibrant and pastel colours. Perfect for festivals and changing your hair to suit your varying wardrobe, they’re a fun and fresh way to have fun with your locks.

Fade to blond

The ombre hair trend shows no signs of disappearing so why not dip your lengths into two-tone colouring and invest in a top-quality at-home kit? Layered Online recommends the Bleach London DIY Dip Dye kit, a set that promises a graduated colour while also taking hair condition into consideration. The kit includes a repairing mask to improve shine and manageability.

Bold colour

High-shine shades are a great way to inject a little fun into your summer style. Vidal Sassoon Pro Series London Luxe is the perfect product to achieve vibrancy via an at-home hair colour that lasts for eight weeks. The only tough choice is what shade to choose…

Nana rinse

Yes, we’re serious! If you’re looking for one of the top hairstyle trends for this summer, it’s the pastel rinse once championed by ladies of a certain age. Peach, pinks and violets are all must-have shades — just look at how good Kelly Osborne looks with lavender hair. Féria Pastel Toning Conditioners are a great way to add a touch of temporary colour. Lasting for up to five washes, this product is only suitable for those with bleached or natural light-blonde hair.

Refresh roots

One way to ensure your hair looks fresh for summer is by covering root growth and maintaining colour. However, if you’re strapped for cash, the amazing Root Cover Up by Colour Wow is the perfect take-it-everywhere companion for covering greys and overgrown roots.