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Get wedding-ready this summer

It dawned on us the other day that our beach body challenge is a great exercise tool for summer brides-to-be. Our classes are not only a great way to achieve big-day body dreams, but some of the partners we have worked with also cover those other wedding essentials.

The special package included in the challenge is sadly no longer available; however, we decided to compile the three Ws key to stress-free planning, and therefore keep you flexible no matter what is thrown at you.

Wind down

Not only does Pilates aid suppleness, but it’s a relaxing method to tone and sculpt your body, helping you get your mind right and your body prepped for the biggest day of your life. We offer private classes great for future brides with a lot on their mind, as well as private classes for three people so the bridal party can have fun exercising together. Who knows? Maybe you’ll hit a wedding eureka when relaxed and calm.

Wear it up

When it comes to bridal hair, Layered Online is a great place to not only find style inspiration, but also to read hairstyle how-tos and discover must-have products for beautiful tresses. Their Wedding Looks on the Runway feature is a medley of stunning updos for your big day. Featuring hair rolls at the nape of the neck, folded ponies, floral hairbands and plaited buns, you’re sure to find inspiration here.

Worry not

Do you feel like the groom isn’t helping with any of the prep? Do you or your partner have overbearing parents who are trying to sway your decisions towards what they want? Concerned the bachelor party will feature similar themes to The Hangover? Or maybe you feel obliged to invite extended family? Weddings can be very stressful but the best way to overcome any hurdles is by handling stress like a pro. Employ breathing techniques when you feel your pulse racing to keep you calm and collected, and remember, a work out does wonders when you feel stressed.

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