What to wear to and from classes


I wore the sweatpants and cropped sweater from the loungewear line at Wellicious over the gold leggings on my way in to my meditation, yoga and Pilates class sessions. They are insanely comfortable!

Meditation was first…for the stillness required in the meditation session the loungewear was utter bliss! The materials make all the difference and you really feel the quality and comfort in Wellicious wear. It feels like a luxury. I love the high neck of the jumper and super soft material and the loose fall of the fabric was cozy and perfect post yoga and for meditation class!


I did a lovely Jivamukti session and the gold/pink top was brilliant for this!  Again I love an open back and the cut is both flattering and comfortable. The inbuilt bra is a massive plus, especially if you’re getting into headstands and inversions. It had plenty of stretch despite being figure hugging , so perfect for pulling and stretching myself into a yoga pretzel! The leggings provided enough elasticity for freedom of movement and they didn’t go see through! Result!


Esthetically the colour combo is just a delight, cozy and sassy simultaneously I’d say!

I wore the same outfit for Bootcamp Pilates and again although I’d always recommend a sports bra for high impact exercise, the top provided support even when I was going for it on the treadmill and plenty of coverage for all the crazy floor exercises they make us do and tolerated a heavy sweatfest without leaking colour.

All clothing is provided by Wellicious.

Cool off pants in Purple Rain
(63% Tencel, 31% Cotton, 6% Elastane)

£ 95.95

Finest top in funky pink and gold
(62% Lyocell, 31% Organic Cotton, 7% Elastane)

£ 65.95

Knit cropped jumper
(90% Merino Wool, 10% Cashmere)

£ 109.95

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