Boost your immune system with these foods

It’s January and we’re not going to beat around the bush…it’s cold!

Everyone seems to be walking around sniffling and if you’re like us you are trying every remedy to keep the colds at bay.

Well we’ve put together a short list of some everyday foods that can help you with just that:


They are nutritious and a mixture of cashew, brazils and peanuts can provide the body with good levels of zinc, selenium, iron and vitamin B6.


Did you know? These have twice as much vitamin C as oranges?! We didn’t until now! They are also rich in vitamin A especially red peppers.


These are also a great source of selenium as well as a tasty addition to any meal. Sometimes contain traces of vitamin D.

Curly Kale

We just love this vegetable because it’s packed full of lots of vitamins. More vitamin C than citrus fruit, vitamin A and vitamin E too! It’s great steamed or added to a stir-fry.