Don’t pile on the pounds during lunch

It’s all about planning. There isn’t a day that goes by when you are rushing from meeting to meeting and you either forget to have lunch or you grab the first thing you see whilst you are out and about. This is where you are going wrong!

Here are some top tips:

Not eating lunch at all

This is the biggest mistake you can make! Ok so, sometimes you just can’t get away from a meeting or before you realise it is 3pm and wondering where the time went. Your body needs nutrients and fuel to run properly and keep you alert during your workday. Also by not eating lunch you can do more damage than good because your metabolism, which helps burn calories, doesn’t know when to work more efficiently.

Always buying your lunch

You don’t really take a lunch hour so this is really the only time in the day that you have a break from your work and pop out to grab some lunch. This could be causing you to stack on unwanted weight. If you dine with colleagues at lunch meetings in restaurants then be careful because you can’t see what they are putting on your food and therefore can’t control what you consume. Alternatively you might be a person that grabs a pre-packed sandwich….don’t! These are full of empty calories not to mention artificial ingredients.

The best solution to this is to make your lunch at home and if you don’t have time for that then make more dinner the night before and you’ve got leftovers for lunch then!

Eating at your desk

We’ve all done this and it is very common in the UK workplace because we simply don’t have the time to have a break. The reason eating at your desk is so bad for you is that you are not focusing on eating because you are sending/reading emails and taking calls which makes it easier to overeat. Eating at your desk also means that you are not getting an activity into your day. A 10-minute walk to get your blood flowing is all it takes and it can help with your concentration levels during the afternoon.

Waiting too long to eat lunch

It is important to not let more than 5 hours pass since you have last eaten; this is why you should eat a snack between breakfast and lunch so that you can keep you stomach and mood happy. Everyone is different, so try to time your meals daily so you have a rough idea of when you should eat to keep your body happy. Eating a healthy lunch at the right time can reduce the chances of you snacking.