5 minutes with the Founder of Violet Lake

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Our May pop-up at our Notting Hill studio is from Violet Lake, so we thought we would take 5 minutes to quiz founder Ursula Lake about her swimwear brand.

How did you get into fashion?

I had studied fashion at University and when I left I managed to get an intern role for a month at Vogue magazine, from there I met an Editor who I assisted for two years on various publications like Greek and Russian Vogue while also freelancing as a fashion assistant on ES Magazine.


What’s it like being in the swimwear fashion industry?

Busy! It’s a competitive field and can be very stressful but it’s also a fun area of the fashion industry as my customers are generally going on holiday so they are happy and looking forward to a relaxing break.


How would you describe your brand?

We are a brand that puts the customer first and allows them to be in control of their bikini destiny! We have created a wide choice of well designed swimwear separates, in high quality fabrics so that the customer can choose the pieces that suit their individual body shapes and appeal to their own sense of style.


What inspired your designs?

Classic swimwear design through the centuries with sexy, sporty aesthetic.


How do you start your day?

With a good breakfast and exercise, generally Pilates or Yoga.


When are you at your happiest?

100% I am happiest when I am on a holiday with the people I love and my feet up with a good book.


What exercise do you do and how often?

I try to do a mixture of things to keep my body guessing but I really love reformer pilates (of course) as I love the ‘good ache’ you get the next day! I also do a lot of vinyasa flow yoga and then throw in some interval training with weights at least once a week. I used to run a lot but now I tend to go for long walks to be gentler on myself.


Any swimwear tips for those getting looking to purchase their next bikini or swimsuit?

Try on loads and try on shapes that you think might not be right for you. Swimwear can be really altered by the fabric and cut so often styles really surprise you. We have a really good and simple returns policy at Violet Lake so we always encourage people to order widely so they can have a proper try on, in the comfort of their own home and find their perfect fit.


Where do you see your brand in the future?

We would love to have our own pop-up stores, as I love meeting our customer and helping them find their dream bikini.


What’s next for you professionally?

We will be shooting our campaign images for Violet Lake 2016 soon which is always a lot of fun.


Visit www.violet-lake.com to see their latest designs or visit our Notting Hill studio to try on the swimwear!