Why dad’s need Pilates too…

Pilates isn’t just for women. Men need it in their life too! Don’t forget that a man introduced the world to Pilates so why don’t more of them do it?

Here’s some reasons why men should do Pilates:

  1. He sits down all day. Many of our partners have a 9-5 (or later!) job and therefore spend most of their day sitting on the train, in the car, at the office etc. Sitting down can make you unwell by slowing your metabolism, compressing your spine and making your muscles stiff. The great news is that at Bootcamp Pilates we can reverse the effects of sitting down!
  2. He plays golf. Pilates is wonderful for any golfer and can really help improve their game. The benefits of Pilates for golfers is that they will increase their flexibility, decrease muscle stiffness, strengthen their abs and prevent injury. It worked for Tiger Woods so why wouldn’t it work for you?!
  3. He is becoming a ‘sloucher’. Poor posture can cause real life-changing injuries such as chronic back and neck pain. Pilates will help lengthen your spine, strengthen and lengthen your muscles and properly align your spine. He’ll be inches taller after a couple of classes!
  4. He wants to be more youthful. Pilates will help keep his mind sharp and his body strong. As Joseph Pilates said, “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.”

Share the above reasons with your other half and male friends and encourage them to join you at a Bootcamp Pilates class soon.

In January, we will be offering 4 classes for £50, the perfect intro package!