How to make the basic plank harder

The plank is one of the best moves to strengthen and tone your core. It is also known as a total-body exercise because it tones your arms, shoulders and legs as well.


When you’re in your next class ask your instructor how to modify your plank so that you can make it slightly harder and test yourself even more.


Here’s a couple of ways you can try at home:


Stop holding hands: Clasping your hands in elbow plank can make the exercise easier because it takes the pressure off your abs. Unclasp your hands and focus on creating a long line with your body, shoulders and back instead.


Straighten your arms: The straight-arm plank is more difficult than the elbow plank so focus your plank just on your hands instead of your forearms.


Flip your hands: Try to stay in your forearm plank with your palms facing upwards. This will challenge your underused arm muscles and force your core to work more.