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The Best Exercises for a Full Body Workout

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Finding the time to exercise isn’t always easy. It gets even more complicated when people start talking about focusing on different elements of fitness and parts of the body. Who has time for “leg day”? Choosing a workout that targets your whole body is the perfect solution, especially if you want to tone up or hit a few different types of fitness, like flexibility and strength. You have a range of fantastic workouts you can try if you’re looking for a full body workout, whether you want a class or you just want to get on with it on your own. Here are our recommended workouts if you want to feel the burn all over.

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. If you’re ready to give your all to your workout, this method of training gets your blood pumping right away. It uses a series of quick and intense exercises to push you as hard as you can, with periods of recovery in between. But don’t assume those breaks are going to be a chance for you to sit down and get your breath back - sometimes they’re still active, just less intense. Many HIIT workouts only last around 30 minutes or even less, and they often don’t require equipment, so you can do them anywhere.


It might not be a trendy workout class, but going for a swim is a great way to get a full body workout. It’s also an excellent choice for people who might have trouble with their joints or other problems, because the water helps to make swimming low-impact. Swimming is a good option for anyone who prefers a bit of solitary exercise, rather than a class environment. However, there’s always the option to try out some water-based classes, like aqua aerobics or Zumba.


Barre is a relatively new kid on the block. It has been around for a while, but many people have still never heard of it. It uses a ballet barre and exercises inspired by ballet, as well as some from yoga, Pilates and other workouts. The barre helps you to balance while you perform small moves that improve your strength and hold yourself in position to contract specific muscles. Some barre classes also use small weights to enhance movements, as well as mats for floorwork that works on your core.


Pilates is the ultimate full body workout if you want to increase your strength and flexibility. More specifically, reformer Pilates is an excellent choice because you have the resistance of the equipment providing you with the tension you need. The controlled movements involved in Pilates condition your body to tone you up and lengthen your muscles too. Not only is Pilates good for your body, but it helps to keep your mind healthy as well. It requires concentration, controlled breathing and control over your body to keep your movements precise.

Start your full body workouts with a reformer Pilates class this year. You could transform your body and mind when you attend a class regularly.