Looking for a natural pick-me-up drink?

Looking for a natural pick-me-up drink? Trying to decrease caffeine intake?


TeaTime offers unique chemical-free, perfume-free and low-to-zero caffeine blends via their online subscription service. TeaTime is ideal for both beginners and advanced tea drinkers alike, including those wishing to reduce their caffeine intake.


At TeaTime, there is a blend for every occasion. Whether as a post-workout detoxifier, an early morning “pick-me-up” or a digestion easing pallet cleanser after dinner parties, the blends are created to provide a range of benefits both based on longstanding traditional medical practices and more recent scientific research. Many of the blends include superfoods such as goji berries, blueberries, ginseng or ginger (all can be eaten afterwards!).

TeaTime has evolved from a need. Before “escaping the city”, TeaTime’s founder Ruby noticed how often her colleagues would grab a tea or coffee during the working day. Caffeine consumption was not just limited to the mornings but lunch, afternoon and sometimes the evenings too! Her colleagues would occasionally complain about the level of their daily caffeine intake. Being a bit of a self-proclaimed tea connoisseur, Ruby began blending and preparing lots of little tea parcels with mini brewing guides explaining health benefits of each brew. Her colleagues absolutely loved it and it was then that Ruby realised this could be beneficial to many busy yet health-conscious individuals.


Today TeaTime provides gourmet, wholesome blends that are delivered straight to your door. You can choose boxes with tea blends according to your sought nourishing properties: detox & cleanse, re-energize, calm & sooth, immunity boost.. Whether you are an experienced tea drinker looking to sample an exotic brew or a complete newbie to the world of tea, the perfectly proportioned packets give you the opportunity to try something different without wastage or extortionate costs.


TeaTime works natural wonders. Sounds too good? Yes, we thought that too until we tried it.


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