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Online Class Spotlight – 50 Barre with Sara

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We have a weekly Barre class with Sara than can challenge you in ways you would never expect.

The Benefits of Barre

  1. Develop long, lean muscles.
  2. Sculpt a ballerina’s body.
  3. Improve balance and enhance flexibility.
  4. Reshape your body and lose weight.

While you may not achieve all of the above, here are five benefits to adding a barre class or two to your exercise routine.

  1. Anyone can do it: Everyone has different starting points, strengths and challenges. If you are worried about not having any ballet or dance training, rest assured that you don’t need it.
  2. Barre’s tiny movements can help you get stronger: Tiny motions, many reps, intentional squeezes and pulses (otherwise known as isometric contractions) are designed to fatigue muscles.
  3. You’ll improve your mind-body connection: The smaller movements in a barre class can bring about new levels of awareness to the body that you don’t get in other classes and workouts.
  4. It’s a full-body workout: You’ll find you are often doing two to four movements at a time — holding, pulsing, stretching, for example —in each move. Every class works with both the upper and lower body, as well as specific focus on the core.
  5. Barre is kind on the joints: Small, super-controlled movements with mostly body-weight-only exercises, are kind on your joints.

Join Sara for a different kind of workout. Our Barre class will make you realise that having a good workout doesn’t mean HIIT classes and burpees.

To join Sara’s class and the other great classes we have on offer at the moment, visit our home page where you will find all the instructions to book. We look forward to seeing you virtually.