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Online Class Spotlight – Dynamic Mat Pilates with Lucy

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A eight class series that progressively increases intensity to help improve your core and help decrease the that mischievous belly fat.

A powerful, fun and transformative workout that delivers amazing results.

Learn dynamic moves and master them.

Within each class you will feel your core getting stronger. Your glutes strengthen and your posture will improve over the course of classes. Stretches will become easier and you will be able to increase the reps before you fatigue.

If you do follow the 8 classes you will be stronger and see the inches disappear over time. You will feel more flexible and toned. Join a fun but powerful class that can be done by all ages and levels.

More about Lucy

Lucy Potucek has a broad sporting background in ice skating, gymnastics, trampolining and skiing, among other disciplines. With a degree in physiology, she went slightly off-piste for a while to work in technology sales, before being drawn back to extreme sports such as Krav Maga, Parkour and climbing. She loves working her clients extremely hard at both Pilates and Barre, and motivating them to get the results they want – while keeping them smiling along the way.

To join Lucy’s class and the other great classes we have on offer at the moment, visit our home page where you will find all the instructions to book. We look forward to seeing you virtually.