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Personal Training with Bootcamp Pilates - Hear from a Satisfied Client

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Here at Bootcamp Pilates, our personal training services are perfect for anyone reaching for their fitness goals. In one-to-one sessions with one of our professional and experienced trainers, we help you to focus on your objectives, tailoring a fitness programme just for you.

Group classes are brilliant for joining in with others and learning together. However, if you’re looking for more attention from an instructor, personal training is ideal. You can really concentrate on what you want from Pilates, with the help of an expert trainer.

Here’s an update from David, who has been attending group classes and private sessions with us since February. He has been working with Vicky to meet his personal health goals and has seen fantastic results in his fitness and confidence in the last few months.

I am working very closely with the excellent and supportive Vicky, who fully understands my personal health goals. I have now settled into a good routine of 3 classes a week, 1-2 group and/or 1-2 private. I have been participating in Beginners group classes, which I enjoy with fellow participants, but I’m about to move up to Standard classes.

The private classes are certainly of a more intense and tougher standard, with the full personal attention of an instructor, which you just cannot beat. There is no hiding in a private pilates class with Vicky, and it’s here where I notice the immense improvement in flexibility, suppleness and overall movement.

Added to classes at Bootcamp Pilates, I also have once a week Pilates at home and have started yoga once a week, which is still very new to me. I also manage to walk 10,000-12,000 steps a day minimum, and have made some major changes to my diet. The old adage of increasing output and decreasing input works and it doesn’t have to be brutal changes!

The net result is that I have lost 19lbs in weight since December 31st, and have actually dropped down two trouser sizes. Having the discipline and supervision given to me by Vicky has been essential in my recovery and ongoing health campaign. I am now really feeling the benefits of the classes, without having to resort to any jogging whatsoever!

I cannot recommend the classes at Bootcamp Pilates enough. Whether it’s group or private lessons, the benefits are tremendous. If someone like me can commit to it and make the effort achieve great results, then anyone can. The results after only a couple of months are rewarding and heartwarming. I feel better about myself!

Vicky has been such a huge help to me and I cannot thank her enough. We are still in the early stages of the journey and I hope that my life has changed, with dramatic alterations, for the better and towards a healthier existence.

Thank you Bootcamp Pilates for being the guiding light to me.

Our Bespoke Bootcamp Personal Training is available at our Notting Hill and Shoreditch studios. If you’re hoping to make a big change to your fitness and to your confidence and self-esteem, email or call 0330 010 0210 to arrange a session.