Pilates on holiday

It is the time of year when the British weather is so unpredictable that most holidaymakers head to the continent for some sun. The thought of doing exercise whilst away is the last thing on most people’s minds let alone Pilates!

Just think about all the hard work you’ve done prior to your holiday to get the toned abs and arms ready for the bikini, why would you not want to continue just a few daily exercises whilst you’re basking in the sun?

I’m lying in the sun myself this week enjoying a week off teaching and decided that I’d share a couple of easy exercises that I do before my breakfast or lunch depending how I’m feeling! This just keeps everything ticking over!

All you need is a towel, a piece of grass or sand, a pair of shorts and a top.

Do each exercise 5 times each day, slowly, which will help maintain tone during the holidays.

Roll up 1

Roll up - lie on your back and then slowly peel your spine off the towel until seated.

Roll up 2

Roll over 1

Roll over - lift both legs to the sky and then peel your spine off the towel so legs are over your head.

Roll over 2

Plank to pressup 1

Leg Pull Down (plank) with press up - make sure elbows stay by your sides.

Plank to pressup 2

Shoulder bridge 1

One leg shoulder bridge - peel spine off the towel into a shoulder bridge one vertebra at a time with one leg in the air, repeat on other leg.

Shoulder bridge 2

Side Kick 1

Side kick - kneel with one hand on the towel raise opposite leg and kick it forward and backwards, repeat on other leg.

Side Kick 2