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Tips to remember when practicing Pilates at home

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Whilst classes are on hold and you work out whilst in isolation, here are some key tips to help you whilst practicing Pilates at home.

Remember to Engage Every Muscle

Be mindful of the muscles you are trying to work and make sure every one of them engages with your movement.

Slow Down

Do not rush your workout; the slower you do your ab and oblique exercises, the harder these muscles work.


Think about your posture.  Tuck in your rib cage, push your shoulders back and stand tall. Avoid the rolled shoulders slump as this will not help you physically or mentally.

Alternate Body Parts

Switch from upper to lower body exercises to enable your blood to travel.  This will increase your heart rate and boost metabolism.

Never Neglect your Core

Your core is the centre of everything you do. Always engage it with every exercise you complete.


Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, engaging your abs whilst you do it. This will supply blood to the right areas, improve your circulation and help burn calories.

Make Some Physical Space to Practice at Home

If you have to shift your stuff around in a cluttered environment every time you want to practice Pilates then this will take precious minutes out from your practice time, may make you feel anxious about your clutter, and will probably sometimes put you off practicing at all!

Pilates includes developing a more spacious state of mind. Try to create a place in your home where there is a clear, open space readily available for you to stretch and move.

Make Time

Take some time out for your Pilates practice on a regular basis. Turn off your mobile, take your phone off the hook and try to take some quiet time for yourself as frequently as you can.  This will help you to feel more relaxed and restful for the remainder of your day.

Move and Exercise Each Day

Our mental wellbeing is even more important at this difficult time. Exercise can help lift your mood and avoid the mental challenges which can arise with feelings of isolation.  Move, stretch and breathe to try and help you get you through any lows.

We hope you stay safe during this time and we look forward to welcoming you back soon with some fun and energy.