Are you stressed?

We all get stressed from time-to-time and when this happens you must read your body’s warning signs.

Low immunity

Stress levels and immunity go hand in hand, so this is why sometimes you can get the sniffles when you are stressed. Constantly feeling under the weather is a sign your immune system is less likely to fight off viruses and bacteria making you more susceptible to colds and infections. Keep infections at bay by eating garlic and onions as well as drinking green tea every day.

Hair loss

Physical stress can disrupt your hair’s natural shedding cycle but eating protein-rich foods can help. This includes meat, fish, nuts and seeds.


Many people complain of breakouts when they are stressed. Stress causes higher than average adrenaline levels which can disrupt hormones in the body and spots and rashes are signs that your skin is stressed. Take a zinc supplement to help you bounce back.