What is dynamic pilates?

Dynamic Pilates consists of a series of exercises designed to build your core muscles, at the same time improving posture and building the strength in your lower back.


The class at Bootcamp Pilates takes place on a reformer bed, which slides horizontally and has springs to build the resistance on the slide and loops which can be held by your hands or feet depending on the exercise.


Our instructors provide you with a series of exercises to perform on the bed which work different muscle groups and sometimes use additional weights to work arms or a Pilates ring to work your core or inner thighs.


Each class starts with a warm up on or off the reformer bed. The instructor then guides you through exercises giving you clear instructions of which area of the body these are working and what springs to use on the reformer to build resistance to the exercise.


The great thing about reformer Pilates is that it strengthens and tones your body. The reformer bed allows you to really work targeted muscles and some of the classes also combine cardio exercises to make the class more fast-paced and assist with burning fat.


Watch our video to get a taster of what a class entails.