Why Pilates is good for your bad back

Pilates is well-known to improve posture, help shoulder and neck strains, reduce pain and aid bad backs.


A majority of back pain is due to bad posture and many people can walk around with bad posture for most of the day. Do you sit at a desk and stare straight at your computer? Many of us do and we find it very difficult to sit up with a proper posture for the whole day. This then becomes a vicious cycle, firstly you sit in a hunched-over position and then you lose strength in your postural muscles because you aren’t using them day after day. What’s the answer? Do Pilates!


Obviously we are bias but incorporating Pilates into your everyday life will help you no end. You must sit up tall and lengthen your spine and adopt the abdominal scoop into your desk job. If you can make a conscious effort on a daily basis you will notice a difference immediately.


Most lower back pain is due to bad posture when sitting, standing or walking. The main things to remember are to sit and stand up tall, keep your belly button pulled in and keep your shoulder blades pulling down your back. When you have a good postural position you should feel a sense of ease throughout your whole back.


Bad posture isn’t the only reason for bad back pain. A sedentary lifestyle is also to blame. We weren’t made to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day. Sitting isn’t good for your back because when you sit your back muscles are constantly working to keep you in that upright position. Try to break up your day by regularly getting up from your chair, stretching or going for a walk.