A Pilates move to boost your immune system

Did you know that Pilates helps make your lymphatic system and respiratory systems more efficient – all crucial things to a good immune system.

1.Chin tuck and neck rolls

Why do it?

There are lots of Lymph nodes around the neck and collarbones, so to boost the immune system, you must mobilise the area. Lynne Robinson, founder of Body Control Pilates explains more.

How do you do it?

Be in the relaxation position and breathe in, prepare the body to move. Breathe out as you lengthen the back of the neck, nod your head forwards, drawing the chin down. Make sure you keep your head in contact with the mat. Then breathe in as you tip your head back gently, passing through the mid-position without stopping, to slightly extend your neck. Once again keep the back of the head in contact with the mat as the chin glides upwards.

Repeat five times and then find the mid-position where your head is neither tipped back or forwards and your neck is neither flexed nor extended. This is neutral, with your face and your focus both directed towards the ceiling.

Breathe out as you keep your neck released and roll your head to one side. Again, make sure that you keep your head in contact with the mat. Then breathe in as you roll your head back to the centre.

Repeat on the other side. Practise the neck roll up to five times before returning your head back to the centre with even length on both sides of your neck.