• Photo: Liz West
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Three smart strategies to keep cool in the heat

Hit the shower

Anything that puts water in touch with your skin cools you down because the water evaporates. Try taking a shower but don’t towel off completely, then relax by a fan.

You can also achieve the evaporative effect by misting with a spray bottle or applying a cool cloth to your neck.

Turn on the tap

Hydration helps your body move blood to the surface more efficiently and it allows you to sweat. If you are going to the bathroom less often and in smaller amounts than usual, your body is dehydrated and preserving liquids so make sure you drink up!

Choose cotton

Many of us have trouble sleeping at night when the weather is warm. So keep cool with cotton sheets and loose-fitting pyjamas. Cotton is a breathable fibre that lets air circulate so your body can sweat and it will evaporate.