This month we love… Sweet Cavanagh jewellery

We caught up with Maxine Korval, Head of Therapy at Sweet Cavanagh to find out more…

Sweet Cavanagh is a London based registered charity that is dedicated to women striving to achieve and maintain recovery from eating disorders and addictions through jewellery design and creation. Some of the women come to Sweet Cavanagh after receiving a higher level of care, while others receive their first piece of support from the safe environment created in the workshop. Located in Notting Hill, Sweet Cavanagh’s doors are open to all women who are dedicated to recovery. Unfortunately, treatment in the UK is limited and private providers are extraordinarily expensive. At Sweet Cavanagh, women are able to take advantage of free support groups, led by a highly trained therapist.

These groups help to enhance the therapeutic value that is provided by the jewellery making process. In fact, research has proven that jewellery making can augment one’s well being by increasing one’s self esteem and reducing stress and anxiety; all of which can increase one’s risk of relapse. Sweet Cavanagh also gives women an opportunity to become self-employed as jewellery designers and creators by paying each woman a living wage for each piece of theirs that sells. Individuals are also given the opportunity to learn about the business side of the enterprise, which allows them to develop skills in marketing, advertising, and data entry, all of which will enhance their feelings of confidence as well as their CV! This sense of purpose is something that many could not have imagined when they were in the depths of their illness.


Yes, there is a lot of jewellery out there; but Sweet Cavanagh is different. Apart from the fact that every piece is made ethically right here in London, each piece is also made with the courage and pride of a craftswoman who has overcome amazing difficulties. Buying from Sweet Cavanagh helps to create social change, while providing hope, employment and the chance to be self-sufficient for individuals who never thought it possible.

Don’t be confused; the jewellery designed in the workshop is not simply Art Therapy. The women use a combination of semi-precious stones, gems and crystals, along with fine Italian chain and gold plated findings. These materials serve to enhance the bold colors and unique designs of the pieces. Seeing their pieces sold on our website and other retail and online shops further augments the women’s feelings of self worth and confidence.

Sweet Cavanagh is now having special summer promotion of 35% off all collections in honour of the August holidays everyone deserves. So to ensure that you will not only look great on your holiday, but feel fabulous about your purchase as well, please visit www.sweetcavanagh.com and help change the course of someone’s life.