Who’s going nuts for nut butter?

Gone are the days when you reach for your traditional peanut butter snack. We’ve now got a number of nut butter alternatives on the market that can really add twists and texture to your homemade smoothie or porridge.

Here’s a couple of our favourites…

Cashew nut butter
This butter has more iron than in peanut butter and it contains a good amount of protein.

Walnut butter
Great for vegetarians as it’s one of the best non-fish sources of omega-3 fats.

Almond butter
This butter is the best for fibre and because of its protein content it is great for triggering the ‘feeling full’ effect. Almond butter is also a good source of calcium and magnesium.

Brazil nut butter
Brazil nuts are rich in the antioxidant selenium which is rare in the average diet. Eating this butter has the benefit of aiding the immune system but it is high in saturates though.

Hazelnut butter
This butter is great for upping your vitamin E levels which can help fight against heart disease and cancer. It’s also a great provider of vitamin B too.