Get fit for the festive season

We now don’t have long at all until Christmas is upon us so here are three tips to keep sane and healthy over the next couple of weeks.

Remember to get enough sleep

Over the next couple of weeks you will be having late nights, parties to attend, alcohol to drink etc and all these activities can take their toll on the body. Make sure you have a snooze whenever possible and have a lie-in over the weekend. Your body recharges and restores itself during sleep. If you get enough sleep then you will look and feel better.


Christmas comes with lots of jobs and so it is important to get your friends and family involved to help where they can. If you are holding dinner parties then ask a friend to bring a dessert or ask a family member to pick up some of the presents. This delegation will help you enjoy the festive season as well!

Eat good food

If you’ve been out on the town then try to take it easy the next day and recover properly with a hearty breakfast like porridge or eggs, drink lots of water and also try coconut water as this is great for rehydrating!