Why Pilates will keep the weight off

Lucy T Pilates

Lucy T pilates 1

Summer tends to be the time of year when individuals go on diets and try to lose weight. After they have reached their goal weight a lot of individuals start to put the weight back on as they return to their normal eating habits and don’t continue with exercise.


It is well known that weight control is all about ‘calories in’ verses ‘calories out’. The more you eat the more exercise you have to do to counteract the amount consumed.


So why does Pilates help keep the weight off? Well, Pilates is exercise so why not? As you are all probably aware, muscle burns more calories than fat. Pilates helps tone and strengthen muscles therefore the more frequently one partakes in Pilates the more toned their muscles are and the more calories are burnt. Some diets can slow down people’s metabolism, it is therefore important to keep active to help maintain the body’s metabolism to help counteract weight gain. Pilates is a great low impact exercise that has great benefits.


As Joseph Pilates stated ‘in 10 sessions you feel a difference, in 20 you see a difference and in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body.