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Pilates Pioneers

Since setting up our first studio in 2005, Bootcamp Pilates has been a proud pioneer of Dynamic Reformer Pilates. We brought this revolutionary workout to London from the US and believe that it’s simply the best, fastest and safest way to transform you posture, strength and shape.

How do we look?

From our website to our Twitter feed, Bootcamp Pilates has a brand new identity. We hope you like it. And more to the point, we think it gives a better impression of what we’re all about. We’re aware the word “Bootcamp” can evoke harsh, scary sergeant majors. So, we’ve replaced our old military look with a bold, contemporary twist on artist Norman Wilkinson’s striking dazzle camouflage. Originally used to disguise ships in World War I, we’ve adapted Norman’s design to reveal a bit more about ourselves through our very own dazzle B logo. Bootcamp Pilates aims to dazzle, energise and challenge, not scare you into submission. Above all, we want to inspire you – whoever you are and whatever your goals – to be the best that you can B.

What is Dynamic Reformer Pilates?

Rather than mats, Dynamic Reformer Pilates classes involve exercising on Reformer machines, based on a century-old invention by Joseph Pilates himself. Imprisoned in a First World War camp, Pilates wanted to help bedridden fellow inmates keep their muscles moving and stop them wasting. Using patients’ hospital beds and bedsprings, plus any materials he could lay his hands on, he created a clever system of springs, straps and pulleys – enabling resistance exercise while lying down.

Expertly designed and totally safe, our Reformer machines are essentially a sophisticated version of Pilates’ original design, providing a highly effective, no-impact stretching and toning workout. They are kind to your skeleton and joints, and help lengthen and strengthen your muscles. As for the dynamic part of our workout, you’ll find a Bootcamp Pilates class highly energetic, invigorating, inventive and enjoyable: something different every time and with a stimulating soundtrack to boot. As a result, it’s a fantastic way to lose weight and gain a more aligned, toned body in a matter of weeks.