We love the medicine ball. Here’s three of the best medicine ball moves

Medicine Ball Burpee

  • Hold a soft medicine ball in both hands and do a burpee.
  • Keep hands on top of the ball while jumping your feet back and forwards and press the ball overhead when you stand.

Works: All-over body conditioning

Perform: 30 seconds

Medicine Ball Walking Lunge

  • With a medicine ball in both hands, lunge, chopping the ball across your front leg from high to low.
  • Repeat on the other side, engaging your core muscles.

Works: Improves functional strength, mobility, core and cardio

Perform: 30 seconds

Medicine Ball Deck Squat

  • With the medicine ball in both hands, squat, then lower to sit on the floor.
  • Lie back, keeping both feet on the floor.
  • Bridge at your hips and send the ball back overhead to touch the floor.
  • Jump back up.

Works: mobility, legs, abs and lats

Perform: 30 seconds