Four reasons to stick with pilates

Fad workouts come and go but Pilates continues to be a favourite amongst Hollywood stars and well-versed fitness fanatics. We’ve put together four reasons why you should stick with our classes:

1. You become aware of your body When taking part in our classes you become more aware of your body both inside and outside of the studio. Especially in our beginner classes and throughout our normal classes, Pilates teaches you how to breathe and also how to stand correctly, both of which help you with other disciplines of exercise. Learning how to stand correctly is always useful for making your belly look that much flatter! Connecting with your body throughout classes makes you mindful in all your daily movements.

2. Pilates compliments other exercise Whether you are a hardcore runner or focused swimmer, incorporating Pilates into your workout routine will see many benefits. It will help your muscles be flexible and will assist you in staying injury-free. Working out on the reformer machine, allows your boy to recuperate while still working key muscles.

3. Burn calories Going to a reformer Pilates class is not high-intensity so will not burn a large number of calories however you will still burn a decent amount while strengthening and stretching your muscles. As we mentioned earlier, Pilates is a great compliment to other exercise so can be great for your low-intensity training days.

4. Don’t get bulky Regularly attending Bootcamp Pilates classes will help you combat muscle bulkiness and make your muscles longer and leaner.

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