Bespoke Bootcamp - Personal Training

Notting Hill Personal Training StudioNotting Hill Personal Training StudioOur Bespoke Bootcamp Personal Training sessions at Bootcamp Pilates Notting Hill can be conducted with or without the Reformer.  Using the following additional equipment:

Concept Rower

Le Mond Rev Master cycle

ViPR weights and selection of dumbbells


Medicine and Swiss balls


Exercise bench

Boxing gloves and pads

You'll never be bored and the range of potential exercises is enormous.

Inside the studio, the Personal Training area has big windows, allowing in plenty of light but also with blinds to give some additional privacy - you certainly won't feel boxed-in.  Your 55 minute session will be conducted at a pace that suits long as it fits with your trainer's plans for you!

Your Personal Trainer will work with you, bearing in mind your fitness goals and also constructing a programme based around what you like doing.  It will be tough but also enjoyable.

Notting Hill Personal Training StudioBespoke Bootcamp is perfect if you are rehabilitating, looking to strengthen and prevent injury, needing to train across different styles to change the emphasis on the muscles, looking for a routine to complement your current sporting activities, or simply because you deserve (and sometimes need) one to one training.  What's more, you can also couple this personal training with our Dynamic Reformer Pilates classes, giving you a fantastic fitness package. 

Our professional and highly qualified trainers come from a wide range of backgrounds from Rugby to Yoga, from Physiotherapy to traditional pilates and it is this range of knowledge which will craft your session.

If you are a client looking to arrange a session or a Personal Trainer looking for a great venue to train your clients then please contact [email protected] or call 0330 010 0210 and select option 3.