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"Bootcamp Pilates has really opened up my mind to the Pilates experience; it's not for the faint-hearted!....but you'll feel those results very quickly.  Tightening and strengthening your body and working parts that you did not even know existed.  I'm a big fan"

Caggie Dunlop ('Made in Chelsea')


"After 10 years of chronic back problems, this is the only thing that sorted it out - you get a really strong body and a six pack thrown in for free too!  The trainers are all really excellent."  (5 stars)  

NF (client at Notting Hill Pilates Studio)

"In the run up to my wedding, I was looking for a kind of exercise that was going to push me to the limits and get results. As I found out, Bootcamp Pilates was the answer! I found the classes pushed me hard but I always enjoyed them and regularly crossed the river from Balham to Fulham to attend, because there was no company in my area as efficient, fun, professional, easy to book and challenging as Bootcamp. Going to Bootcamp Pilates is the first time in my life that I have really loved the kind of workout that makes my legs shake and my muscles burn. It's varied, thorough and in one hour you do more good than three visits to the gym! I can't recommend it enough."
Abbie (Richmond Pilates Studio)

"It's the good kind of thighs love it...or at least they will and I want to be able to crack walnuts with my thighs in time for Christmas"
Roxanne McKee (City Pilates Studio client, actress and LBD model) 


"Bootcamp Pilates has changed my life. The pain is so worth the gain! I have a whole new perspective on exercise now!"
Rosie Fortescue ('Made in Chelsea' and 'AtFashionForte' Blog)


"After 5 classes, you'll see a real difference - after 10, you'll be transformed"

Zest Magazine 


"Bootcamp is another version of Pilates, in's quick, disciplined, won't bulk you up and you'll look great!"

Bazzr magazine