Private Classes

Private classes are the perfect opportunity for you and a maximum of 2 friends to experience the Bootcamp Pilates Dynamic Reformer class on a more personal level.  With your choice of trainer you can have a class geared toward the muscle groups that you would like to focus on; maybe your legs or arms need a boost;possibly a more cardio-vascular orientated routine is what you need, but it will always be the core and the discipline of Pilates that are the prime focus of your session.

The personal touch will allow the trainer to pinpoint the areas where you may have a weakness.  For that reason, private classes can be great if you are starting out.  We all get into bad habits and it's hard to get rid of those bad habits if you don't catch them early.  With our Private classes, you'll get away with nothing and you will really feel the benefits.

Single person Private classes:

1 class - £80.00

5 classes - £360.00

10 classes - £720.00

If you want to bring a couple of friends along:

Private class for 2 people - £120.00

Private class for 3 people - £150.00 


Private classes can be arranged at any of our studios but depend upon trainer availability.